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Turn your superior culture into a competitive advantage with our proven "No-Nonsense"® marketing program

The fact:

An increasing number of consumers are seeking, even demanding, transparency in the car buying process.

The question:

If you already have a transparent sales process, how can you turn it into a competitive advantage in order to generate more traffic, sales, and greater customer retention?

The Answer:

Your "no-nonsense" car dealer!®

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Dom Genova
Dom's resume includes 17 years as a factory rep, 27 years owning his own dealerships and an MBA in Marketing. His business thrived as his founding strategy was to "collect customers" through a culture that tapped into the prevailing desire of most buyers for transparency and fairness. Dom can be heard on the radio every Saturday on Rochester's 50,000-watt station NewsRadio WHAM 1180 hosting his "No-Nonsense" roundtable.

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